Strengthening teacher practice for the success of every child

What is the SIAP Professional Development Program?
The Southern Initiative Algebra Project provides intensive professional development for teachers to ensure that their practice and content knowledge enable every child to succeed in mathematics and related content areas. Teachers participate yearly for 3-5 years in a hands-on, two-week summer institute grounded in the Algebra Project pedagogy and common core standards, followed by a series of academic-year institutes, content workshops, and classroom visits. Teachers who emerge as potential teacher leaders (Implementation Specialists) receive an additional week-long training and internship with SIAP trainers to support other teachers in their practice during the course of the year and to sustain the work beyond SIAP's on-site involvement.

How does the SIAP Professional Development Program Relate to State and National Standards?
SIAP's Professional Development does not impose a new curriculum on schools; rather, it focuses on increasing teachers' content knowledge, changing teacher practice, and strengthening teachers' pedagogical skill aimed at deep conceptual understanding and application of mathematical concepts. The pedagogical emphasis and strategies are particularly responsive to the critical thinking and application requirements of the new Common Core Standards for mathematics.

What Has Been the Outcome of SIAP Professional Development in the Past?
SIAP has a long history of effective turn-around in low-performing school- and district-wide mathematics programs. Teachers, schools, and districts that participate and practice with some degree of fidelity post significant gains in mathematics accomplishment as well as other academic and non-academic areas of student growth. Testimonies are available.